Swan Road

Features: birch plywood plywood wardrobe & a dresser with oak veneered ply features, solid oak finger pull inlay, Abet laminate doors, custom laundry bags.

The depth of this wardrobe was a little bit deeper than what you would get in a regular wardrobe, that’s why we used an opportunity to incorporate some additional bespoke storage elements onto the doors to maximise the usage of the space. Both of the sides have an area to hang gowns/ accessories etc and right hand side wardrobe has an additional railing for hanging belts/ jeans.

We also produced a fitted alcove unit/ dresser to match the wardrobe. Featuring Abet laminate fronts with solid oak handles, oak veneer top and a mirror. Two bottom drawers act as laundry basket with a custom laundry bag to separate darks and whites made by us.

If you are looking for something similar and would like to get a quote- get in touch with us at studio@jongrant.london